There’s something in the water, in Utah. There must be. First they provide housing for their homeless, and now, they’re buying up a huge chunk of solar energy.

Someone over there is finally starting to think about how social and environmental sustainability will create a net gain for their state, as time goes on.

Investing in sustainability is an investment in a better future… and, of course, a cheaper one. As actions become less sustainable, especially as they begin to reach the end of the period during which they’re even possible, they get more and more expensive. It’s simple supply and demand. As a resource runs out, or becomes harder to obtain, it gets more expensive.

Case in point: Utah’s Rocky Mountain Power is investing in solar energy for one main reason: It has finally become cheaper than coal.
That’s right. Solar is now cheaper than coal powered electricity… at least in Utah.

Are you from Utah? What do you think of the recent more toward social and environmental sustainability? Are you from a different state that’s doing something similar? Or that you wish was doing something similar? Take a few seconds to me about it in the comments below!

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