I love maps. Globes, too. There’s something fascinating to me about seeing the relationships between places. With that in mind, let’s dive into today’s quick idea:

You have to accept where you are before you can move toward where you’re going.

The past doesn’t matter, any more than the road behind you has any bearing on how you move forward from here. But you absolutely must know where you are in order to plan a path to where you’re going.

To put it more strongly: I believe that it is far more important to accurately understand and acknowledge your current conditions than to come up with your ideal future. Dreaming the future is important, but it comes second to understanding who you are in this moment.

Only by acknowledging and understanding who you are right now can you begin to design who you want to be in the next moment. Else you invite delusion.

Only by remaining consistently conscious of who you are in each moment can you know if you have become who you desire to be.

How do you maintain an awareness of where you are, mentally? What destinations and goals do you have in mind that rely on knowing where you are right now? Let me know in the comments!


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