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Stop wasting time reading these lists!

Stop wasting time reading these lists!

OK, you caught me. I lied.

There’s no list here.

This is an intervention. If you’re like most people who read self improvement information online, then you’ve got a problem: You’ve got to stop wasting time reading all of these self-help lists.


If you’re actually pretty happy how you are, and you’re not really looking to make change in your life, then by all means, keep clicking these links and skimming the same basic principles over and over.

If you really want to make a change, though, you’ve got take action.

Reading a list is not taking action. And the reality that we all know is that no one ever takes massive action based on these little list articles. The longer the list, the less likely you are to do any of it. It’s too much. It’s overwhelming. It’s something for “later.”

Later never comes.

You’re lucky if you even remember any actual details of what the article said after one hour.

I know how it is. You get inspired. You like feeling like you’re making improvements, and these lists either give you ideas for new improvements, or validate the actions you’re already taking. So you skim through the list, bookmark it, and hope you have time to read it more thoroughly later. Or maybe you forget to bookmark it. Never fear! Even if you lose the link and can never find that specific list again, there are countless more that ll say essentially the same things.

And let’s face it, they all really do say the same things–or else you read something different that doesn’t jive with your internal values and beliefs, and so you dismiss it, anyway.

What to do, then?

You need two things: Deepened thinking and an action program.

The action program you can either create for yourself, or you can work with someone else’s. You can dive right in the deep end, or you can stick a toe in the water and slowly move forward. I like to dive right in, but if that’s not your style, don’t sweat it. Just start. And keep moving forward.

Deep thinking requires immersion. Immersion requires time and depth of information. Pick a specific goal and surround yourself with information that will help you get there. Find In-depth, real information about a specific goal. This is the kind of information found in books, not an internet article with a sentence or two each about a hundred goals. No lists!

Go deep. Learn. Grow. Make connections that only you can make, between your life experiences and the things you’re learning.

Start now!

It’s great to be inspired–by a person you meet, a story you hear, and yes, maybe even a list post. But it means nothing if you don’t actually start taking action. And that’s on you. You have to take meaningful action. No one can do it for you. No matter how small that first step, you have to initiate.

  1. Pick a goal.
  2. Pick one thing to do today that will move you closer to that goal.
  3. Do it.
  4. Pick another thing that will move you closer to your goal.
  5. Do that, too.
  6. Don’t stop until you reach your goal, or decide that the goal isn’t worth reaching.

What are you moving toward? What one action or practice are you working on today to help you reach that goal?

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