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Pay what you want

The Challenge

I believe that everyone deserves access to information that can improve their lives. I also have a business to maintain. My challenge has been to figure out how to support myself and my family, while providing a service that, admittedly, has different real value to different people.

The Solution

“Pay what you want” allows me to offer products and services to everyone, no matter their current life circumstances. It’s a system that lets you, the consumer/client, decide how much value you get, and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

It’s a bold experiment. And so far, it’s been working.

What's it worth to you?

No, really!


People who choose to pay the suggested price... or more.


People who pay less than the suggested price.

People who come back to pay more, voluntarily.


Amazing Results

Success should not be limited to those already able to pay for it!

Access for everyone

I try to price my products and services at a fair, reasonable rate. And I know that some of the people who need them most are still unable to afford that rate.

Built-in Gratitude practice

Others already know most of what I have to offer, but are so impressed by some new piece of information that they happily pay more than the suggested price.

Financial choices that work.

In the end, I do this because I love helping people. And I rely on the value of the help that I give to sustain this business.

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