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There are a ton of books, blogs, programs and packages out there that promise to teach you to be more “successful”–all with their own definitions of what success means.

There is also a whole lot of information about being socially responsible. Likewise for being “green.”

But there is a surprising lack of information on how to put it all together.

How do you design a life that brings success? Happiness? What do success and happiness mean to you? And are they the same thing?

How do you make sure that your successful lifestyle is also socially and ecologically responsible?

Is it really success if you’re causing a net decrease in value in the world–whether socially, financially, or ecologically?

I started asking these questions in 2005. Since then, I’ve amassed a huge collection of data, best practices, and personal connections that helped to lead me to a lifestyle in which I have plenty, but not too much. A lifestyle that lets me explore opportunities and take risks, all while sharing the rewards and knowing that my impact on the world is a positive one.

And I’d like you to join me. Become an explorer of sustainable success. Become a conscious creator of your own lifestyle–and make it happen in far less time than you’d ever believe possible.

I scour everything from bookshelves and blogs, to videos, interviews, and scientific journals to find the best information on sustainable success.

Sometimes that information it comes from surprising sources! Who knew that a podcast on photography could lead to insight into happiness?

Other times it’s a long slog through dense literature, or 19 months spent sweating and swatting mosquitoes in the Everglades.

And then I put it all together here. A simple synthesis of the best information out there, in one easy to understand place.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you learn something new now and then from something I post.

And most of all, I hope it helps inform and inspire you toward creating your own sustainable success!

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