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Hey, Thanks! If you’ve arrived at this page, it means that you’ve read one of my publications, and you’re looking to support that work that I do here at I really appreciate it! Here’s how you can help:


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I’m a firm believer that content should cost what it is worth to the reader. If you’ve enjoyed or learned from something I’ve written, use this PayPal link to send me whatever amount you think is fair.  For most eBooks, I suggest a starting donation of $12, and for the more detailed reports and programs, the range begins at $47. But seriously, whatever it’s worth to you is fine by me!

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If you appreciate something that I’ve said on this site or in one of my publications, then it’s fairly likely that there are other people you know who would enjoy hearing about it. Send them to!  Shoot them an email, tweet, or Facebook message and sendthem my way.   Thanks! –Chad Hadsell

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