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I’ve got an idea, and I’d love for you to join me in exploring it.

It’s a focus on imagination, creativity, and brainstorming ideas for improvements in our selves, our communities, and our world.

I call it:

What if Wednesdays

We’ve already got “Throw-back Thursdays.” A lot of people spend just a few minutes (sometimes more!) each Thursday to dig up and post an old picture of themselves. Each post only takes a few moments, but the result is a massive total amount of energy devoted to one specific action.

What if we took that massive distributed energy and focused it on something else?

What if we could generate hundred or even thousands of exciting possibilities every week?

Even if many of them aren’t possible, or never pan out, what if one or two did?

The only limit on progress is imagination. So let’s all put our imaginations to work and come up with some ideas. Think outside the box. Or think inside the box, but upside down.

Make wild suggestions that seem impossible. Make practical suggestions that other people just don’t seem to know about, yet.

And then like, share, favorite, and retweet.

I’m betting some pretty awesome ideas will rise to the top every week. And if even one of them goes on to be developed into something big something that makes the world a better place… Well, that’s the goal, right?

What if wednesdays idea: What if we could reuse "spent" nuclear fuel?

Feasible? Cost-efficient? You tell me!

So to kick us off, here’s a “What if Wednesday” idea that I think I’ve heard something about in the past, but I don’t know what’s happened with it:

“What if we could produce large quantities of energy from spent nuclear waste?”
It’s already there, right? And it’s dangerous precisely because it still contains large quantities of radiation/energy. And what if re-using it as fuel might even reduce its danger to the environment?

Thoughts? Ideas? Criticisms? Ready… Go!

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