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About Chad

How it all started

Success and sustainability go hand in hand.

You can never truly have one without the other. How do you design your life to optimize for both? That’s the question I’ve been working on answering.

It’s your responsibility to do well for yourself–and to do so in a way that supports a strong healthy community, and a strong healthy environment.

Because as much as we Americans like to think we’re incredibly independent, we’re not. We rely a great deal on our social structure, and we absolutely rely on the health of our planet.

There is no such thing as self sufficiency.

So build yourself, build your team, and support the other teams around you. We’re far more connected than we think.

For a quick overview of what it is that I do here on, check out this blog post. If you want the long version of how I ended up here, read on…


How it all started

What is success? How do I find meaning for my life? How can I live in a way that is supportive of myself as well the world around me?

In 2005, I had a life-changing experience while living in the swamps of Southern Florida. It led me to begin seriously seeking answers to questions that had been plaguing me for years up to that point.

The answers that I found out there in the swampy wilderness all pointed back to one thing: Nature.

Human beings are a part of nature, not apart from it. Our bodies and brains follow the same patterns that all life on our planet does. We are woven into the web of systems that is life on Earth. We are all made up of the interaction various systems: Physiological, Neurological, Sociological, and so on.

So it’s helpful to view lifestyle design and success through the lens of natural systems, sustainability and social responsibility (our responsibility to all parts of nature, including our fellow people).

My Background

I have a background in permaculture and other sustainable agriculture systems.You may notice that I tend to use terms that are traditionally agricultural or ecological, when referring to practices and philosophies of success. In fact, some of the core parts of my framework have been lifted straight out of permaculture, which is, after all, a design system that focuses on working with nature (rather than struggling against it).

I also have a background in working with troubled youth. (That’s what had brought me to the swamps of Florida in the first place). That work provided me with a great deal of experience working with choices, goals, stress, and difficult situations. (The preceding sentence has been nominated for “understatement of the year”… 😉 ) In this work, I became very familiar with many of the philosophies of success and self-improvement.

Chief among these for me were William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Tony Robbins’ work with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). If you’re familiar with either of these, you may find similarities in some of the things I say.

Moving Forward

Ever since 2005, I have found myself seeking more and more ways to combine a happy, healthy successful lifestyle with sustainability and a positive environmental impact.  And at this point, I’m mostly there–though of course there’s always room for improvement.

In 2012, my wife and I decided to start a family. Together, we began the long process of adoption–and we’re still waiting. During this process, I began looking at the future in new ways.  I want to build a safe, secure environment for my child-to-be, both in the home and in the world at large. And I want to build a level of financial and emotional security to help ensure that we would be able to focus our energies on our family, and not getting by day-to-day.

And so the seed of this website was planted. It took me a while to realize what was growing, but I finally figured it out. I love helping people. I love learning new things. I loved sustainability, and its integration with success and happiness. Most of all, I finally realized that I had made it all work together, in my life. I have the life that I always wanted.

So what’s left?

That’s where you come in.

You can do the same things that I’ve done. You can design a lifestyle for yourself that is empowering and  enjoyable. You can do it sustainably, for yourself, your community, and the world.

And my mission is to help you get there.


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