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About a month ago, my wife and I received a phone call that would change our lives.

We learned that our long adoption journey was about to reach a major milestone: We had been matched with a birthmother, and we were finally about to become parents!

It was exciting, and yes, a little scary, too.  We started this journey nearly five years ago, and we had been in the official adoption “waiting pool” for just over two years. So imagine our delight when we found out that we had finally been matched!

Daddy time


Merlin (the cat) enjoys napping with his new brother.

So, for the past month, I’ve taken a break from actively writing for this blog and for the Wild Potential program. I needed to make sure that I was focusing as much as possible on my new baby son. I needed time to become a dad before figuring out how to integrate this work into my home life.

During that break, amidst the changes, preparations, and time spent holding a fussy baby in the wee hours of the night, I had a moment to step back from this work and take a long hard look at what I’ve been creating. I realised that I need to get serious about creating a directed focus for this blog, and for the Wild Potential program.

With that in mind, I did a little soul searching. I explored what I’m most grateful for in my life, the things that have allowed me to create and live a life that I love. Then I looked at what people are seeking. What questions they ask, and the problems they are looking to solve. And when I put it all together, I discovered the strongest point of view for me to approach this blog from.

Frankly, it surprised me.


That’s right, money. Money can’t buy happiness, but mastery of your finances frees you up to do the things that really do bring happiness. Money can’t directly stop climate change, but you need a certain amount of financial freedom in order to the things that are most effective to make this planet a sustainably livable home. Money doesn’t automatically bring health and well-being, but it can certainly buy you the time and resources to optimize your health, if you want to.

So over the next few posts, I’m going to explore some ideas about managing personal finances from a permaculture perspective. You’ll learn how the Four Core Practices apply as much to money as to anything else. And we’ll tie it all back to social and environmental responsibility–turning what is commonly perceived as a self pursuit into a means for powerful, positive change.

Stay tuned to see it all develop! If you have any specific questions about finances, let me know in the comments below.

PS – If you came here for tips on living green, don’t worry, you’ll still get ’em! After all, you can’t have financial sustainability if the planet is falling apart around you!

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